Stories from the Heart: Aleph

Love Stories

“Stop and smell the roses.”

We’ve all heard it before. Remember to appreciate the little things. Remember to tell your loved ones that you love them. We all get caught up with life and work, and that can make it hard to remember special moments that happen, no matter how much we want to hold onto them. Because these moments can happen any day (and every day!).

Here are a few such heartwarming moments that our Aleph nurses shared with us this week.


Story #1

I stopped in to visit a client (Harry) today, and what I experienced was a completely different and improved Harry then I had met months ago. He was clean, dry and appeared more comfortable than he was at my last visit.

I walked in and found our aide, Joel, at Harry’s bedside. They were having a conversation about Joel’s children, and discussing how different the cultures are between the US and Ghana. Even though these two men are from seemingly very different worlds, they had found a common ground and were having real conversations. Joel also told me that Harry was teaching him to play Poker! Watching their bond blossom was one of the best highlights of my week.


Story #2

I received a phone call from a 91-year-old gentleman this afternoon. Usually when I receive new client calls it is from people who are in need of a certified home health aide to assist with personal care, or from people who are coming out of the hospital or rehab and are in need of some extra assistance. So, when I spoke to this new client (we will call him Sam), it was such a delight to hear his unique request.

Sam told me that he was hoping we would be able to drive him to Ramblewood Country Club this coming Tuesday for a 1:00pm Tee time. I assured him that it would be no problem. I asked him if we would need to come in to get his golf bag and equipment, but Sam informed me that he’d be waiting outside, and that he was totally capable of carrying his clubs! He told me he was thrilled, as he has not really gotten to golf on a consistent basis because he did not want to burden his children.

So our schedulers arranged for a ride to the country club and a ride home after Sam’s game.

Unfortunately, Tuesday came, and it was raining too hard to be able to golf, so Sam had to cancel. But we are hoping for sun next Tuesday, so we can help make Sam’s wishes come true!


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