PJ Library Iris Spotlight

niño leyendo un libro de noche

PJ Library is a national book and Jewish family engagement program that sends high-quality, age appropriate Jewish books and music to more than 900 families in Southern New Jersey.

We recently got in touch Iris Snyder, who is primarily responsible for our local PJ Library program. She plans and implements low-barrier programming and engagement activities focused on Jewish values, holidays, and lifecycle events, as well as establishes and maintains relationships with families.

“It is my goal to help families in our community make Jewish connections.”

Many times, she is the first point of contact with a family that is new to the community. She is happy to assist them in their efforts to connect with a local Jewish preschool program or synagogue search.

But Iris is around for more than just logistics. Iris is there to help with any specific questions that a family may have.

“I was recently contacting by a PJ parent who was interested in a specific PJ book that her friend’s child received, called Sign Language Shabbat. This particular PJ parent is a sign language interpreter and reached out to me about the possibility of getting a copy for her child. I happened to have just received a few copies of that particular book, and was more than happy to provide her with a copy.  The family was thrilled, and I was thrilled to be able to fulfill a mitzvah.”

She also receives many thankful emails from interfaith families, who are so grateful to PJ Library for the opportunity to bring Judaism into their homes.

“PJ Library helps families have conversations about Jewish traditions, values, and customs with their children. It is also a significant factor influencing interfaith families when it comes to celebrating Jewish holidays and learning more about Judaism.”

Want to learn more about PJ Library? Check out their website and Facebook page!


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